Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Celebrating! MozOvos and the International Internship in Mission, Mozambique

Celebrating two years in the egg business!

Rodger with MozOvos manager Sr. Bule!

You gotta know!

  • MozOvos is two years Old.
  • MozOvos is profitable
  • MozOvos Produces on average 275,400 eggs a month.
  • MozOvos is saving $3650.00 a month for future purchses of birds and materials.
  • MozOvos supports the International Internship in Mission at $1000.00 a month.
  • MozOvos is slowly emerging as a wholesale and retail business that is competitive.
  • MozOvos continues to seek excellence in all it does.

My ministry partner Rob at the new property in Northern Mozambique!

  • MozOvos has purchased 25 acres of land in northern Mozambique for a future site of MozOvos and other business initatives.

    Rafael mentoring 1st year intern Manuel!

    Manuel teaching for the very 1st time!

    • The International Internship in Mission is three years old.
    • 6 three year interns
    • 2 second year interns
    • 2 American/Brazilian 10 month interns
    • 1 first year intern
    • 11 interns who lead two local congregations
    • 11 interns ministering to close to 100 people weekly
    • Interns mentoring Interns (cross mentoring)
    • Interns making life long decisions regarding personal purity and holiness
    • Interns learning to communicate clearly and with passion the word of God
    • Growing in ability to care of their heart and soul
    • Challenged in work ethic and plans for future sustainability in life and ministry.
    • Interns save $35.00 a month for the duration of the three year internship program
    • Interns are growing in leadership and vision for current and future ministry.
    • A few interns being mentored to take on new leadership responsibilies as the Internship grows and as we prepare to receive 8 new interns in January.
    • Plans are developing to reproduce the Internship leadership model in northern Mozambique among the Makhuwa people on and close to the Island of Mozambique.

    WorldVenture, Mozambique Field Conference 2010

    • So grateful to lead such a wonderful group of people; MozOvos, Internship and WorldVenture, Mozambique.
    • We continue to be humbled through our weakness and thankful that the mercies of others and the Lord are patient and gracious as we learn to lead.
    • The WorldVenture, Mozambique team met together in south central Mozambique for three days of prayer, worship, business and Easter services. An amazing time together as a mission family. Our growing team is such a huge blessing and encouragment to the work in Mozambique. Go Moz!

    Rodger and Lynne celebrating 19 years of marriage!

    • We celebrated 19 years of marriage on April 6th
    • Andrew and Stephen continue to be a joy and blessing in our lives as they become fine young men

    Thank you Lord for the life for which we have been called. To God be the Glory!