Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Easter 2008

The weather was cool and rainy on Easter in Mozambique, but the weather did not dampen our spirits as we worshipped together on our 7th week of services in 25 de Junho, our community!
Americo, one of our interns, spoke from the passage John 13 about the last supper. As he spoke, we demonstrated Jesus love and service by kneeling to wash the feet of the person next to us. We shared the Lord's supper together and talked about the death, burial and resurrection.
After church, we ate lunch together and afterwards, watched "The Passion of the Christ."
Oh, and you may notice that their are 9 young Mozambican men in the photo when we only have 8 interns. We also had our first visitor from the community that day. He came back the following week!
These guys are amazing and are working so very hard! Please pray for them.

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