Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finally! Some Help!

Meet our friends: Felix, Mary, Angel and Angelo!

We have enjoyed getting to know them over the past year and a half since Christian Academy introduced us, said that we were neighbors and suggested we carpool.

Felix and Mary are Rwandese refugees who came to Mozambique seeking a new life for their family. Once they learned we were starting a church, they have been on board, even when their lack of Portuguese severely limited what they understood. They host a weekly prayer meeting in their tiny home and have established a sweet relationship with our interns. They have struggled to eek out a living, but we have seen their love for the Lord and their perserverance. Several months back, Felix began working for MozOvos and the relationship continued to grow.

For more than a year, we've had our eyes open and have been praying for a solid, trustworthy couple to help us in the administration of the internship. We never really considered Felix and Mary until a few weeks ago, when the Lord began to work in their hearts and ours simultaneously. Felix was hoping to be able to participate with the guys in their weekly soul care studies and meetings. We began to recognize that their Portuguese skills have dramatically impoved and that they would be a natural fit for this ministry. We are so grateful to God for sending them our way.

Will you please pray for us that Felix will be able to complete the very lengthy process of establishing residency in this country? Will you pray for good communication skills and a relationship of mutual encouragement and accountability?

We have high hopes for this young family!