Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Still here and still kickin'!

Though we are winding down our work in Southern Mozambique, we are still here and still kickin'!

Here are the highlights of the last couple of months.

wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas with our boys which included a fun family camping trip...

Family photo shoot...

and senior pictures for Andrew. This wasn't the best one, but the one that really shows his cheeky personality!

Christmas dinner prepared by our family for the MozOvos Egg Farm employees

We've been team leaders for 3 beautiful young families

Dr. Brian and Megan Meyers

Rob and Heather Blanks

Dave and Amy Terpstra

We've also been part of the planning for the weddings of two of our Mozambican sons who have both found lovely women to marry.

What's next?

We leave Mozambique for our home assignment in June, but until then...

A trip to Mozambique Island by bus for Rodger and our Tanzanian missionary in early February.

More team leading.

More training and mentoring of our MozOvos leadership team and church leadership.

More relationship building and prayer times with our two young couples who are preparing for marriage.

A trip to Kenya for Dad to see his boys play basketball at RVA(Andrew made Varsity and STephen JV) in late February.

A visit from Africa Directors, Glenn and Kathy Kendall in early March.

Worldventure Southern/East Africa Leaders Meeting in Nairobi, mid-March

A soccer tournament outreach event for boys 11-18 years of age hosted by Lakeside Church and MozOvos Egg Farm in late March.

Worldventure Mozambique Field Conference in Mid-April.

A road trip to Mozambique Island to take personal belongings and for the boys to get to know their new home in late April.

Moving out of our house and in with colleagues for one month in early May.

Our adopted son, Luis's wedding in early June.

Time with our boys in Kenya and Andrew's graduation in June/July.