Monday, May 26, 2008

The week in Photos: Saturday

Rodger and the interns in small small group time.
Lynne teaching community English homework helps


The week in photos: Sunday

Community Soccer Game

Community Basketball
Just making friends!

Monday to Friday: It's not ALL about work!

Stephen is REALLY enjoying Speed Stacks! Thanks, Hansons, for the gift!
The boys with their friends, Nando and Rafael
Lynne and her friend Alice, enjoying coffee and conversation.

Photos: Monday to Friday Work

The chicken house at MozOvos, where are interns are hard at work.
Checking the water levels!
Documents and more documents!
Andrew and his friend, Mauricio, in guitar class at school.

A week of Photos: Saturday

Rodger's hobby is photography. He sold some of his photos at the American school Mayfair as a benefit for the schools on Mozambique Island.
Every year, the boy's school has an end of year picnic. This year's picnic was especially fun!
stephen really like the egg toss game until....
...he took an egg to the face!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hansons, Franklins, Schmidts and interns, in front of our sign!

Scott and Brad, helping out!

Just thought we would pass along a few pictures of what is going on this week with the start up of MozOvos, our internship egg project.

We have actually been surprised that clearing of land and construction has gone so quickly! The manager, Senhor Bule, is getting multiple calls every day, wanting to know when we will have eggs!

Our friends from Lakeside Church, Pastor Brad and Donna Franklin and Scott and Valerie Hanson, just left today after a week with us. They have been helping us think through many things in regard to the internship program and the business. They have been a huge encouragement to our interns as they shared from God's word and principles they have learned from years of business expertise.

We are grateful to have wise partners in this project!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

"Big B"

So many of you have asked if we were able to find a teacher for Stephen for next year. So, the short answer to the question is a delighted "YES!!" The longer version is that God answered our prayers in keeping with His character, loving us and amazing us yet again with "doing immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine".

Beverly Estes(affectionately dubbed "Big B" by Rodger) is from Scandia, Kansas. She has been teaching at the Christian Academy in Mozambique for the last 3 years. We did not approach Beverly about teaching Stephen nor even talk to her about the need. She is on our e-mail list, though, and one day she read our blog about the need for a teacher. She then told us the story of when she visited our house for the first time. She came with a friend to bring a meal on one of our "move in" days last March. She said that as she stood in our living room, she felt God telling her that she would somehow be involved in what was about to go on here. When she read our blog, she sought direction from the Lord and responded in obedience.

You would have to know Beverly to know the gift that this is to our family! She is an artist and has already encouraged and nurtured Stephen in his abilities. You can just see his confidence level growing!
When we first met Beverly and heard her talk about what the Lord has "told" her, at first we looked at her skeptically. The more time we have spent with her, observing her life and the impact she has on her students, the more we see that Beverly is "real" in every way. She listens to His voice and walks by faith and not by sight. I(Lynne) can't tell you how, just in the last 2 weeks, she has hit the "hit the nail on the head" in things she has said to me, without my even opening my mouth to tell her circumstances going on in my life!

So, we've found a teacher for Stephen...or should I say she will be "teaching" the whole Schmidt family. She already has!