Friday, July 22, 2011


Dear Friends and Family,

We thought we would give you a short update on our support progress. In the last week, our personal support need has been reduced by $175.00 a month. We are so grateful for this. Our current deficit is now only $1,250 per month. We are still praying that God will provide and we will be able to stick to our scheduled July 2012 home assignment and return to the States.

In the meantime, even while still on the field, we are in the process of seeking new supporting churches and individuals to join our team. We need this additional support to cover supporters lost in the last few months and compensate for the immense jump in cost of living here in Mozambique.

Even if you feel you cannot commit to supporting us long-term, would you consider an increase to current support or a one year commitment that would carry us through until we arrive home and meet with pastors, churches and individuals face to face? We know supporting missionaries is a sacrifice and we honor you and you honor the Lord.

As always, we love you all and pray for you and your families and all our supporting churches.

Blessings in the Harvest,

Rodger, Lynne, Andrew and Stephen Schmidt

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Last Year of a Very, Very LONG 5 1/2 year Term