Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, a family moved to Mozambique. They searched and searched for a house while they lived all together in one room of a guesthouse. After 8 long weeks, God graciously provided a rental home for them.

Then the cost of fuel and the toll road and long commute to school each day forced them to move yet again. God graciously provided another rental home for them, close to school, and their commuting days were over...until the landlord more than doubled the rent.

The family again began the search for a suitable home and, in addition to this, a place for 12 interns to live near them. God graciously and amazingly provided a house big enough for ALL of them to live together. Yes, it was in bad repair and required days upon days upon weeks of labor to get it livable, but they were happy. Happier still when they all got to move in to their new home together! The very large and happy family still lives in this rental house today, BUT, things are changing! The ministry is growing and overtaking their house! We hope that the internship ministry, Worldventure missionaries and church will be able to use this house for years to come.

Soon, the family will move again. To the house that God has, once again, so graciously provided. But this time, THEY are the homeowners, not just the renters!

YES, that's right! We purchased a tiny house on the island where no rentals are available. For just a tiny fraction of the cost of buying a house in States, we are homeowners. Yes, the house needs lots of work, but we have alot of experience with home makeovers! It will be a simple but comfortable place to live.

We would ask you to pray with us for the needed funds to start the needed repairs so we can begin living on the island in September!

The renovation will need to include putting in a kitchen in this small opening across from the house.

also completing this spot that was intended to be a bathroom and replacing the asbestos roof with some other kind of roof.

The best part...this will be the view from our kitchen!