Friday, February 25, 2011


We thought we'd take a break from the normal ministry updates we post on our blog to tell you what we've been up to this last 10 days.

Our children, Andrew 17 and Stephen 14, are students at Rift Valley Academy in Kijabe, Kenya. It was the most difficult decision we have ever been called upon to make; to send our dearly loved children to boarding school. Sending them there has been and continues to be simultaneously the most difficult and most joyous experience of our lives.

Junior year is a big year for RVA students. They have worked hard and saved money as a class to put on a fabulous banquet(like prom) for the senior class. Parents are invited to participate with the class and teachers who are class sponsors, as we work together for a long weekend and then the following week on set construction, food prep, program designs and every imaginable detail. This year, we were blessed to be asked to be substitute dorm parents for Andrew's dorm of 24 boys during this long weekend.

We loved being with our boys and part of their school life. We loved meeting and getting to know their teachers and friends. We loved getting to watch both of them play basketball with their respective teams. We loved the heart to heart talks. We loved being there to embrace them every day, eat meals with them, watch the choices they are making as young men. We think they are growing up to be fine young men.

Below are a few pics of our time with them:

The whole family on Rodger's 47th birthday.

Andrew's drama rehearsal. That's him on the left.

Stephen on a game day

Andrew and some of his buddies

Andrew and his lovely date

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We are regularly reminded of the spiritual darkness that surrounds us.

Our neighbor just over the wall, a young man who came to know Christ through the ministry of our interns and has grown by leaps and bounds in his faith, came to speak to us.

He is being persecuted by his family for his faith because he no longer wants to participate in the rituals of the family's ancestor worship and witchcraft. They believe he is possessed by an evil spirit because he won't participate with them in these things.

Some in the family wanted him kicked out of the house. Others intervened on his behalf and let him stay but have cut him off financially as far as school fees, uniforms, etc.

He came to us for help. We are trying to help him find a job so he can leave his current situation, but we told him to stay and do his best to love and honor his family though not participating with them in their rituals.

We do have a budding relationship with his mother. She has agreed to come to church with him a week from Sunday. Maybe then she'll believe that he really isn't demon possessed. Maybe then, the LIGHT will begin to illuminate her heart and mind.

God chooses ordinary human beings to carry His light into very dark places. We are honored to do this. We are unafraid because we know it's not by our might, or our power, but by His Spirit.

Please be in prayer for this family.