Monday, October 3, 2011

September 2011 update and pictures

Our boys with their brothers

The highlight of the last few months was our 2011 graduation celebration. This year, we only had one graduate, the only one of his group to persevere for all three years. We are very proud of Emilio and look forward to walking alongside him for the next steps God has for him.
In addition to our one graduate, all of our interns were awarded certificates of completion for the year or years they have been with us. Perhaps the most thrilling of all is that
two of our interns are products of the ministry our interns have been doing in two different communities. Guito (second picture above) was hired from the community of Agostinho Neto as an employee of MoOvos. Through the influence of our interns, he became a Christian, was baptized and discipled and is an important leader to the church plant there. Manuel (3rd picture above) is beginning his third year with the internship. He is a young neighbor who became a Christian through the influence of our interns in the community of 25 de Junho and was baptized and discipled by them as well. He currently serves in leadership in the local church but also sits on the leadership team of MozOvos. God is using MozOvos to shape the hearts and minds of young Mozambican leaders. As we reflect on the vision for ministry God gave us almost six years ago, we are speechless at all He has done. Yet, there is so much work still to do! We
have had to make some tough decisions and take drastic measures to keep the International Internship in Mission and MozOvos financially healthy and sustainable. We have had to close down the residential portion of the internship, meaning the interns no longer live together and have all returned to their own homes. We strongly believe in the power of the “Life Together” aspect of the internship, but needed to make these changes to survive financially Please pray with us! During the month of October, we, along with our leadership team and 4 national pastors, will be re-inventing the International Internship in Mission combined with MozOvos.
In preparation for our up coming home assignment, Rodger is stepping down as the director of the Internship and MozOvos. He is assuming the role of advisor to the leadership team allowing them to grow in their leadership and facilitate the change process cultivating an atmosphere where the leaders gain more experience and grow in confidence and ability. We are so proud of these African leaders and how God is using them individually and collectively
We are so thankful for your continued prayer for us and all that God is doing here in Mozambique

Rest, Relaxation and Robbery
After graduation, we took 2 weeks to go away to a quiet place of rest, to pray, read and restore our souls. It was a wonderful time and just what we needed and we returned, ready to face the challenges ahead. One huge challenge we DID NOT expect was that our house was robbed the night before our last day of vacation. Though we don’t have much in the way of valuables, the thieves took $3,500 worth of things we use on a regular basis such as our fans. video projector, voltage regulators, and generator. We also are needing to put steel barred doors on the existing wooden doors(see picture below) and repair the broken wooden door.

CAR ACCIDENT: Just a few days later a car side swiped our truck,
crushing the passenger door, ripping off the running board and fender. The driver of the other car was a young kid, with no insurance and no way of paying this bill. We are working
with him to cover some of the cost but the majority will be with us. Please pray for the added expense this event has caused.
If you would like to help us with these losses, all funds can be sent to our “Ministry Account” at WorldVenture (See below).

Schmidt Home Assignment in 2012
Our second term in Mozambique is fast coming to an end. Its been a long one as we have not had an extended home assignment for more than five years. After our oldest son, Andrew, graduates from high school in July 2012, we’ll all be heading back to the States to connect with our families and supporters. We are just beginning to plan our time and will be contacting our church partners, individual supporters and friends in the next months to schedule our time together, celebrating our friendship and all that God has done in Mozambique. We have a full schedule here in Mozambique until then, but be on the lookout for a phone call or e-mail seeking how we
can reconnect and share all that God has done and the big plans for the future. blessed to partner with all of you in life and in ministry.

Rodger and Lynne Schmidt WorldVenture, Mozambique: Field Leader International Internship in Mission MozOvos Lda.

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