Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Beginnings! 2010

Today was the day! The start up of the third year of the internship program! Here we all are, in front of our gate painted with our new logo! For six of our interns, this is third and final year with us. They will complete the program next December. Scroll down to meet our newest intern.
This is Manuel. He represents what the International Internship in Mission is all about. Life-on-life mentoring. Manuel is a neighbor that one of our interns is in relationship. When we started the church in 25 de Junho, he was the first non-intern to start attending church. He accepted Christ, went through the discipleship course and was baptized on December 20. He recently had a long conversation with Rodger about what he feels God is doing in his life. Please pray for him!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jose Macuacua and Luis Manhica are second year interns. Both come from small villages about an hour from Maputo. Initially, their families sent them to maputo for school because their villages don't have secondary schools. Their pastors recommended them for the internship program. They have grown in their faith by leaps and bounds and we are so proud of them!