Monday, July 19, 2010

The Blessing of Wheels and the significance of 47!

Egg farming is a game of numbers! The slightest increase in cost of feed necessitates the raising of egg prices. The slightest increase in egg prices causes some customers to buy eggs elsewhere. The loss of a few customers sends the employees of MozOvos scrambling to sell all the eggs so we can buy more feed. It's a vicious circle...BUT, it's working! We recently calculated that 10,000 hens producing a minimum of 47 cases per day and those 47 cases sold each day would give us our goal: the internship program, 100% sustained by the profits of MozOvos. As far as numbers of eggs, WE ARE THERE! A bit longer on this path and we will know if we can call this dream a reality!

At the same time, another need has been met. About a year and half ago, when MozOvos was new and struggling, we sold our personal vehicle to keep the business afloat. Many of you may remember that a vendor sold us several thousand dollars worth of hens and, before he delivered, turned around and sold our hens to someone else. To this man's credit, he is slowly paying back the money he owes us. All of that to say, after a year and a half with no vehicle for our family, we were finally able to purchase this 1996 Toyota Surf. We had hoped to purchase a new vehicle that would last us for many years to come, but after some research on the quality of direct Japanese imports and a year and a half of dealing with the delays and dangers of public transportation, we felt comfortable making this move with the money God provided for us. It is a good sturdy vehicle with low mileage and we are extremely grateful. Grateful that this need has been met but also grateful that we were given the opportunity to experience a taste of the hardships our Mozambican brothers and sister endure each day as they try to get to their places of work and live their lives. I(Lynne) don't know when I've experienced more scrapes, bumps and bruises than I did when getting in and out of overcrowded chapas(public transport vans) We don't think we will ever take reliable transportation for granted again! Thank you to all who gave sacrificially to make this vehicle possible!