Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Unexpected blessings!

This little lady is the "grandmother" that lives next to the property we are preparing to start our business on. This is her house, a little reed hut that is so old, it's leaning to one side. She doesn't speak a word of Portuguese, but the secretary of the neighborhood told us that she had been abandoned by her only adult child and was homeless. He gave her a tiny piece of property and had the house built for her. Well, when the surveyor came for our land, the place where we need to make an entrance into our property is very near her house, though on our land. As an act of good faith, we agreed to build a cement block house with a tin roof for her(that's just the way it works here!) We are DELIGHTED, however, with the opportunity to minister to this sweet little lady in this way! One of the unexpected blessings of the job!

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