Monday, May 2, 2011

Happenings: A pictorial review of the last few months

All the day to day ministry and life go on as usual and we see God at work. Today, however, we'd like to share some of the highlights via photo.

Lots of anniversaries: April 6, Rodger and Lynne's 20th anniversary

April 7, the anniversary of MozOvos egg farm

April 14, the third anniversary of Evangelical Community Church of 25 de Junho

In April, we were delighted when two intern graduates too the money they had saved in their three years as interns and opened their own business. They are raising fryers to sell.

Also in April, we welcomed back our dear Blanks family who had been gone on medical leave.

We met with all of our Worldventure Mozambique colleagues as well as field leaders from Madagascar and South Africa for our annual field conference.

Sweet friends from one of our partner churches came to do a program for the missionary children.

Two lovely ladies from two different partner churches came to cook scrumptious meals for us.

We enjoyed times of worship together

And did work together as a team.

We all benefited greatly from time with our International Ministry Directors, Glenn and Kathy Kendall. They love, encourage, counsel and share out of their ministry experience and wisdom.

We enjoyed time together with our colleagues.

And their children

We have been richly blessed!


Laura said...

Hi Rodger and Lynne,
This is Laura from Iris Zimpeto! I couldn't find an email link so am leaving this comment.
I'm writing to ask if might be possible for me to bring some of my boys to visit MozOvos this week? I know it's last minute but I just got the idea! It wouldn't need to be a grand tour or a big deal.
We are going thru the alphabet and this week is G and there aren't a lot of G words or activities. So I thought of taking a field trip to a chicken or egg farm!
I'd actually prefer to visit THREE times this week, Tu, We and Th afternoons, because I have three rooms of boys and that's how many can fit in my car
My number is 77 64 410 (I left off the beginning two numbers as you know those!) if you have a chance to call?
Where are you guys located?
Blessings, Laura said...

I am a little behind on my reading of your blog, and please forgive me for that. I just wanted to say.....Happy Belated 20th Anniversary to you both. Love, Lynnette Gamenara

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